Echelon’s End: Aftermath


Echelon’s End: Aftermath [Kindle Edition]

Can you return home? The Aidennians of the lost Miran Mission aboard their podship Pioneer 4 are attempting to reclaim their war-torn Utopian society that has been lost to their saurian nemesis.

This special Author’s Edition is a compilation of Books 3 & 4 and includes bonus material.

In Book 3, PlanetFall, the Pioneer Pod 4 is spaceborne, once again plunging into uncharted Space. After weeks of uneventful flight, the Aidennians voyage is interrupted as Pod 4 is abducted while enroute back to the remnants of The System by the slipstreams of a gravity well They find themselves in orbit around a world that is peaceful, lush, a near paradise; it has all the markings of a bio-experimental laboratory. Another Saarien podship and one of its crew are discovered. … Eden turns to terror when an alien eugenics project is unveiled. Escape to the Systemite planet of Sheey suddenly loses its entire splendor when the ravages of the Tauron Occupation are revealed. And what seems to be the Aidennians’ final battle takes them full-circle with the begetters of their odyssey.

In Book 4: Perils Of The Gulf, as the hurrying podship Pioneer 4 traverses between the galactic spiral arms on its way to a promised planet, the cost is energy, which is quickly being consumed — denying it the power to sustain itself. The Aidennians find themselves with no other option than to explore two separate sources for vital elements needed to prolong their flight. Nicraan and Retho find themselves the tempest between warring societal factions while Capel and the others fight for their lives on worlds of ice and horror. Is this the end for the last generation of The System?